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Pebble Creek is a quiet community, and we'd like to keep it that way.

The City of Asheville classifies a "noise disturbance" as "any unreasonably loud and raucous sound or noise which..."

  1. Endangers or injures the health or safety of humans or animals;

  2. Endangers or injures personal or real property; or

  3. Disturbs a reasonable person of normal sensitivity. [Section 10-82 (d)]

Click here to access the city's official Noise Ordinance page.

You can contact the Asheville Police or Animal Services at (828) 252–1110 to report what you believe is a violation of the noise ordinance. An enforcement officer (i.e., a Police Officer or an Animal Services Officer) must witness the violation in order to cite the offender. Please be advised that the APD responds to calls for service based on the severity of the call. Noise ordinance violations have lower priority than other criminal offenses. Officers will respond to noise ordinance complaints once the officer has cleared the higher priority call. APD asks that the citizens be patient waiting for the police to respond to a noise complaint.

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